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How to make Fondant Gum Paste Calla Lily

These Calla Lily's are very easy to make at a beginner level. They can be made using MMF, Rolled Fondant Sugar Paste or any clay using minimal materials.

Calla Lily

      I made these Calla Lily's  using MMF. They are very easy to make with no any special fondant flower making tools. They hardly need any mastery at work and can be tried at a beginner level. Calla lily's come in varied colours. Try playing with different coloured fondant as a whole or give a try at painting the flowers. You can use fondant, gum paste, sugar paste or clay dough, the tutorial however remains the same. 

Materials :

Heart Cookie cutter or a template shown below
Paper cones
Tooth Picks
Small Knife
Yellow coloured Semolina
Fondant OR Gum Paste ( I used MMF )
Food Colour
Cornstarch to use while rolling the Fondant

Method :

Step 1

If you are using a heart cookie cutter you can start with the next step.
But if you want to make large life size Calla Lilies, then you should make a template for the petal of a size as needed.

Fold the paper in half

Staring at the folded edge draw a semi circle and then make a pointed tip at one end of the semi circle. Cut the shape and you get a symmetrical other half when you open the folded paper

Step 2 :

Dust the work surface with cornstarch and roll the fondant thin as a thickness of 2 - 3 sheets of paper.
Place the petal template over the rolled fondant and curve the shape on the rolled fondant.

Tip :
     while using the knife to curve the shape dip in shortening so you don't have rough edges of the
      Fondant while curving

Step 3 :
Grease hands with shortening and rub the edges with your fingers to remove any roughness due to using the knife. Slowly pinch the edges all around so you have thin edge all over
 Make a paper cone in advance. Place the cone with its tip at the center of the cut petal. so the tip of the petal is towards the round edge of the cone.

Step 4 :

Apply a little of water at the edge as shown below and close them. Apply a very thin coat of water, since fondant is sugar, it will start to melt. So be careful.

Step 5 :

Hold the cone with its tip tucked in between your thumb and index finger. Slowly bend the tip and edges of the petal outward to give a realistic look. If you observe the calla lily, they have a little bend at their edges.

Step 6 :

Lay the cone on its base and let the petal air dry for 10 - 15 Min's. ( the time depends on the thickness of the petal ) Since the fondant dries quickly, and the petal is left to air dry upside down, you have to once again follow the above step .

Step 7 :

To make the Pollens mix semolina and yellow food colour until you get the desired colour

Step 8 :

Grease hands and work surface with Shortening.
To make the Stamens roll a yellow coloured fondant in the shape of a rope, try to make a tapered end. Measure the stamen on the petal template and cut a little more than half of the length as the petal.

( In the picture below I have not yet cut the actual length of the stamen. So don't use such a big length )

Step 9 :
Now take a toothpick dip in water and slowly insert inside the stamen by pushing till it reaches the tip of the stamen

Step 10 :

Brush the stamen all over with a little water.

Step 11 :

Roll it in the coloured semolina.

Step 12 :
You can skip this step if you do not wish to paint the dried petal.
But if you wish to, then using food colour paint the petal, and allow to dry a while.

Step 13 :
Brush a little water to the end of the Stamen and insert the free end of the toothpick into the petal and secure it properly. You may feel the stamen not sticking to the petal at this step. Do not worry. After drying the stamen will be stuck. You can use a Styrofoam base to dry the flowers, by piercing the pointed toothpicks in it.

If you do not wish to make the stems, just snip off the toothpick ends and you are ready to use the Calla Lillies

Step 14 :

To make the stem you could start after the stamens are inserted in the flower.
Take a green coloured fondant ( I used yellow and green colour to colour my fondant for making the stem )

Grease hands and work surface with Shortening.
Roll the fondant in your palm, to make a thick rope.

Step 15 :
Cut about 2 - 3 inches and slowly insert the free end of the toothpick, pushing the fondant up to reach the base of the flower.

Step 16 :
Brush water to the fondant at the point of contact with the flower, so it is easy to secure.
Slowly move the fondant upwards with your index finger to secure the flower

Allow the flowers to air dry for a while

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