Friday, 10 May 2013

How to make Fondant or Gum Paste Cherry Blossoms

A very easy cherry blossom flower tutorial for a beginner level in gum paste or fondant decorations

Cherry Blossoms!

The beginning of Spring.

            They can be made using MMF since they do not need to hold a particular shape like big flowers or you could even use Gum Paste. These blossoms are very easy to make and with little practice, you will master it in no time. This method of flower making needs the tools easily available in the household and does not need any fondant flower making tools. They can be made in advance or you could make it on the go since  they do not need more time to dry. You could use them as filler flowers or just run your imagination and decorate the entire cake with them - whatever way you use, they simply make your cake adorable ! Since they are the CHERRY BLOSSOMS !

Tips n Tricks :

Always try to grease your hands with shortening before modelling the flowers.
If you find cracks on the fondant try to knead it a little by greasing your palm with shortening and then keep on roting it in your palm to form a ball until all the cracks over it have vanished.

If you find the gum paste or the fondant very sticky and soft dust with cornstarch.

Always rub the edgess of the cut pieces with your fingers to remove all the roughed edges.

Materials Needed :

The size of the fondant ball should be a size of a chickpea.
Paint Brush
Dragees ( optional  )

Method :

Step 1

Shape the fondant like a tear drop -    First make a ball of the fondant . Now using your index finger slowly rolling one end of the fondant ball till you get a tear drop shape

Step 2

Press the other end of a paint brush in the round part of the tear drop so that a a deep dent is formed and you get a cone shape

Step 3

Holding the cone with your thumb, pointer and ring finger make 5 cuts with  small scissors so you have 5 petals.

If you want to have a more realistic look, then give one more small cut at the center of each petal


Step 4  

Now slowly rub the sharp edges so we have a curved shape of the petal.

Step 5

Now resting a petal over your ring finger slowly rotate a toothpick over it left to right so that the petals are thinned down and also you get a little bit of the veining effect on the petal.

Do not worry of the imperfection while thinning down. Afterall no petal is unique in a flower. Once the whole flower is done it will look good.

Step 6

Apply a small tiny ball of white , yellow or maroon coloured fondant or a dragee depending on what colour your flower is, at the center of the flower.

Keep them to air dry for some time.
If  you want to use them later keep them in soft covered cloth within a box.
Some of the cakes that I used cherry blossoms to decorate with